About the "MEME Guy"Edit

I'm just a nice cup of tea. Except I hate tea, I'm not nice, all my blood in my body is MUCH more than a cup, and I ain't no "of".

I'm 18 years old, living in Misery: Where God can't decide what weather we need.

I've been a One Piece whore for about a year now, and I still intend to stay as one.

I'm a fan of video games, my favorite game series being MegaMan, game overall being Tomba!

I don't watch much anime, tried to get into Fairy Tail, didn't catch on. As for manga, I read D. Gray Man up to the point where the author tried to cram everything into extra-long chapters and it was STILL confusing.

[1]Favorite characterMy Youtube account is the same as my username here. Go to it, subscribe to it, and make me stop being lazy to make more videos.

Also, I am hereby dubbed by LPK named "MEME Guy", because of how many memes I create for the OP chat. My other nickname is "Nada".


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more abut nada from TuckydEdit

The first featured wikian is Uknownada

Uknownada or commonly call Nada or Meme King has been contributing to this wiki since November 27, 2010. He is famous here for several thing including but not limited to-

  • Being the King of Memes
  • One Piece character as wikia users and more recently Dissapointing colorings
  • Having one of the longest running avatars
  • Scaring us with his blog No More Edits
  • Being a really nice guy on chat and two all users

In honor of Nada's Week try to make Nada make you at least one meme! XD