Me Warning Spoilers on Tuckyd's Life Below!!!!!!! I am a teen from the USA. All of my friends think one piece is a waste of time but they will not give the books a chance. I found out about them through my library and have since been hooked. My Variety of Persona's UserStats 1000 edits on December 10, 2011 Favorites Favorite Strawhat: Franky Favorite Character: Gonbe Favorite Volume: 51 Favorite Story Arc: Return to Water Seven Favorite Line: Geez! I keep telling them I am not a carpenter! or Fushishishishishsihsihishihsihsi! Favorite Place: Sabaody Favorite Story Arc: All of them

Hi I am Tuckyd and I am from Michigan, USA. I am a boy and I currently have the most blog edits on the OP wikia Teehee.

Dalton Manga

He joined the wikia in April 2011. He ran the blog tournament in june of 2011. He then ran the Least Favorite Character Tournament in November of 2011. He will run the annual character tournament with Yountoryuu this February.

Some of his greatest acheivments were his community events such as Aghghghghgh Thank You and Hohohoho Secret Santa Season." He has created many events for the wikia. He is also and admin on three wikias including this one.

  • He was an avid supporter of Top Ten Lists *He used to be know as gonbe *His nicknames are Tucky and Tuck