Usopp we go by naume-d4ds83n



i am snipa/sniper or colonel-extreme

but you can call me sp for short

About MeEdit

The name is Sniper, I am a 17 years old boy from Denmark. I have read OP for 6 years now and I dont intend to stop anytime soon.

I am relativly new to this wiki but I want to contribute to this wiki because it has informed me about alot of things I missed in the past 6 years.

As you probably have guessed my favorite character is Usopp, that is because Usopp is human, he is scared and honest about it, he dosent try to hide his fear, he faces them (some of the time) for the sake of his friends and will go a great length to help them.

He makes use of his resources in order to win, not some crazy logic like burning his feet because of friction, and best of all, HE HAS HIS OWN THEME PARK.

Favorite CharactersEdit

Favorite VillianEdit


He is the perfect villian with the perfect laugh, he is a person you have all reasons to hate, but you want to be on your side, and most of all, his sweetass devil fruit.

Favorite Marine(s)Edit

Smoker is a clear number one, he is a person you would trust your life with.

Aokiji is the best kind of marine there is besides Garp and Amoker, his lazy justice is interesting.

Favorite StrawhatEdit

Usopp is number one on this list because he is AWESOME but Franky and Brook comes close.

Franky is a cyborg so he automaticly gets in top 3 and Brook`s voice and tragic past brought me to tears, Chopper is like the little brother I wished I had (gullible and smart) and Zoro is the big brother I needed.

Luffy is number 5 and after him comes Robin and Sanji, Nami is the last because she is an annoying skank (there, i said it).

Favorite WarlordEdit

Donquixote Doflamingo

He is a lunatic with crazy powers, he is like the joker of the warlords and also one of the strongest (since he was asked to deal with gecko must mean that his superiors must be confident in his powers)

Favorite Devil FruitEdit

The goro goro no mi

The power is almost invincible, can be used close range or far, you can move at high speed and no one can touch you without dying.