No More Akainu

About MeEdit

Call me SA, Sarge, Alpha, Alphy, Alphie, Akainuko, Lpha, Sergant, and etc. I'm a Chinese/Khmer, Yaoi, het, shirtless loving, 16 year old girl. My real name is Serena/Serene. I love drawing, chatting, anime, and Zoro~ If you wanna know more about me; meet me in chat![1]Oh yes. I approve. *nosebleed*


The Hawtest Man In The WorldEdit

Ricizubi Congrats, Rici. You haven't escaped the curse.

Hitlist of shirtless menEdit

  1. Straw Hat Boy
  2. Man of Myth Is Legend
  3. Unkownada
  4. Zoro-san Soon:
  5. Blackendedsoul
  6. The big croc
  7. Monkey.D.Me
  8. Sniper-san/Dionit IT'S A TIE!
  9. NewWorldWarrior
  10. Fantasy Detective
  11. X-Raptor
  12. Swimswimfruit
  13. Ruckaman
  14. LuffyPirateKing
  15. Tactical dude
  16. The ultimate admiral
  17. FelipeNexus
  18. Tuckyd
  19. Jaimini626
  20. 1NF3RNO
  21. Highestbounty123
  22. P.D.Ace
  23. Goku259
  24. Lixis10
  25. Evil Grin
  26. Dmurray1031
  27. Awesome!
  28. Jinbe
  29. DancePowderer
  30. Total Carnage
  31. DragonIsTheStrongest
  32. Firefist55
  33. Granit Hysaj
  34. Piece Enrik
  35. Stormbaron
  36. BroOk
  37. Turles of the tree
  38. Evanalmighty
  39. Sff9 (If he/she is male)
  40. The darkest devil
  41. F.U.2007
  42. Weirdowithcoffee
  43. PentagonAFVTD
  44. SanjiTheCook
  45. Tralfalgar Kid
  46. Ryuga59
  47. Sea Terror
  48. imhungry4444
  49. LuffayKing12

Davey Jone's LockerEdit

Marcus Junior (I must do this; FOR CALU! And MJ)

Favorite PairingsEdit

ZoroXNami - Opposite love.

CrocodileXDoflamingo - Yoai love

ViviXKohza - Aladdin and Jasmine type of love.

SanjiXCaimie - Romantic love.

BonneyXLaw - "Super"nova love.

ZoroXAce - Cool love.

NamiXAce - Hawt love.

AceXNojiko - Even more hawt love.

AceXSmoker - Thanks to Nada.

KiddXLaw - Another pairing caused by Nada.

LuffyXZoro - Crew love.

CrocodileXMihawt X Doflamingo - *triple nosebleed*

MihawtXZoro - Competitive love.

FrankyXRobin - Fun love.

PeronaXCoby - Pink-haired love.


Become king/queen: Hentai King and Queen/ Spam Apprentice

Kickbanned: 7 / 10 (4 on OP; 3 elsewhere)

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