About Me Hiya, I'm Neowitch. Just call me Neo. I'm a girl, German, a lazy-ass artist wannabe and fantard of many things. I like to think of myself as a reasonable person, though I do get quite random at times. If there is anything you want from me, ask nicely and I will give your request some consideration. Or not. Depends on whether I feel like it and whether I like you or not. Be warned: I can get pretty obnoxious if you rub me the wrong way. If you saw a penguin around, it's probably mine. (<Terry Pratchett reference nobody could possibly get) Do and Die Talk about trolling, vandalizing, invading another wiki while I'm around and I will eat your guts. Few things piss me off quite as much as retarded jerks who do not respect other people's work and efforts. Pet ProjectEdit Death by Panties > WIP Gallery to said Project Yes, this is totally OP related. xD I decide on who to draw pretty randomly, so quit asking me. Also note than I'm currently somewhat busy with university, that is why updates will not come regularly. I'll get it all done eventually, though. I promise. Just be patient. My sad Catch Phrase... Here for me (and you) to copy and paste...

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fanart pictures not related to One Piece images from the One Piece anime or manga that are not used for an article on this wiki If you want to use pictures in your profile please use those from the wiki or upload your images on another site (like photobucket, imageshack, etc.). Favorite OP CharactersEdit Female Characters

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Ever since I did this table people keep copying it. lol Favorite Devil FruitsEdit Mera Mera No Mi (Ace) Mero Mero No Mi (Hancock) Suna Suna No Mi (Crocodile) Yomi Yomi No Mi (Brook) Doru Doru No Mi (Mr.3) Doku Doku No Mi (Magellan)

neowitch joined the wiki in november 1 2011 , she is a female .


neowitch makes blogs abut every chapter and episode , is quite popular in the wiki , and is one of the princess of the wiki and she also make a blog in which she draws one piece female characters asses.

well she is quite popular and tries hard to maintain the wiki .