About Hozen That's me. Hozen. I'm Hozen. Hozen's me. I'm here because One Piece is my favorite manga of all time. I'm simply here to help edit pages and to keep up on the One Piece series, since that's what encyclopedias are for, correct? I'm an artist who draws as a hobby and is working on some good projects in the future. I'll definitely see to that. I'm not very talkative, but I'm here for fun, so yeah! My deviantART is where I post all my artworks, check it out sometime! I love One Piece because it contains multiple moods and pulls them off really well. It can be overall silly and optimistic, while gaining somber moments and dramatic battles. It emulates how dreams can come true. I started reading One Piece fairly late, in 2008, but once I read the manga and watched the anime, I became a huge fan.

he joined the wiki during november 26 2009

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