FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Favorite villain: Rob Lucci and BluenoEdit

favorite straw hat: All of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

favorite supernova:Trafalgar Law

favorite devil fruit:Gomu gomu no mi

favorite shichibukai:dracule mihawk

favorite marine :Smoker,Aokiji,Garp

favorite whitebeard pirate: kinda all of them especially Ace and Marco

ABOUT ME: my birthday is almost the same as luffy:(5th may) ,me:(4th may) i speak english dutch a little french and japanese i vistit my family every year in japan for 4 weeks and on my 10th time vistiting japan i fell in lov with one piece and so on i fell in bleach and naruto and very recently fairy tail i LOVE anime and......

tv gaming+one piece makes my life worth living

AND i live in belgium.

and im ?? years old?ok lets jsut say im a bit younger than most of u,call me firefist ff or make up another name ALSO i don't like it when people start swearing.

Liked people: Friends:.....? Admired:to many

Other:(OK Nothing has been written at Friends and Other so tell me if you think u deserve to come in it also give me a reason on my talk page)ps i feel lonely!!!!!!!!!

ff , ff553 , fire , fist

joined on 2010-11-17 I LIVE IN Belgium MY OCCUPATION IS student I AM Male