About me My real name is Giorgos but my friends call me Arapel(Αραπέλ). I've been watching One Piece since company consists of 11 members including me and 6 of us watch One Piece....actually I forced them watch it but eventually they realized its uniqueness....Since the bonds between us are quite strong, we always compare what happens to One Piece with our life. Age: 17 Height: 1,81m Weight: 82kg Gender: Male Birth Place: Mytilene,Lesvos,Greece Favorite One Piece Characters: Crocodile Roronoa Zoro Nico Robin Monkey D. Luffy Aokiji Dracule Mihawk Marshall D. Teach Jinbe Edward Newgate Tony Tony Chopper Favorite Battles: Zoro vs Daz Bones Whitebeard vs Blackbeard Zoro vs Kuma Crocodile vs Luffy (Second Battle) Zoro vs Ryuuma Luffy vs Arlong Luffy vs Lucci Sakazuki vs Whitebeard Zoro vs Kaku Sanji vs Jyabra Favorite Devil Fruit: Suna Suna no Mi Magu Magu no Mi Gura Gura no Mi Pika Pika no Mi Yami Yami no Mi Goro Goro no Mi Hie Hie no Mi Kage Kage no Mi Hito Hito no Mi: Model Daibutsu Nikyu Nikyu No Mi My favorite pages Crocodile Roronoa Zoro Nico Robin Fishman Island Arc Marineford Arc


joined on 2009-12-02 I LIVE IN Mytilíni (Greece) I WAS BORN ON July 7 I AM male